Indemnity skyrockets


I&I (Insurance and Indemnity) promises to help dental professionals choose the right cover for them, whether they want to save money on their premium, find a provider with a great customer service or find a provider that has a strong reputation for legal support.  

How it all started.

Most graduates leaving dental school have little or no understanding of their indemnity cover needs, who provides it and whether or not a certain provider is right for them.  

Often our first experience of an indemnity provider is in warm lecture theater, usually at the end of a hard day of an even harder week, our brains are cooked! In trying to stay awake to listen to the rep talking we will say just about anything, and sign whatever we were told to get out to the student union as quickly as possible.  

With the smell of a Domino's arriving, courtesy of the indemnity companies' rep we are swiftly handed pens, and asked to fill out application forms if we wish to see the weekend anytime soon.  

Indemnity in place (I even think it was free for a year) it was job done! Domino's and off to the union? Yes please. 

What comes next? 

The premiums skyrocket in those few short years following graduation, yet with increasing experience and with thousands spent on numerous postgraduate courses the risk we are told is such that our premiums are justifiably eye-wateringly high. Oh, and they are set to rise, get used to it!  

Don’t worry! 

Best get yourself off to another post-grad course and upskill, increase that earning potential and worry not about the costly indemnity cover you must have in place. I expect with the upskilling and much better clinical experience your patient care is now world-class. Your premium is sure to decrease, why wouldn’t it? It's nice to finally see that some providers now agree.

Who’s the best provider? 

Great question, I&I have been working with dental professionals asking the very same thing. Tricky bit is that the provider that is perfect for you may be completely wrong for another.  

Social media has led to random recommendations being made. With little or no homework, we are often choosing an indemnity provider each year without knowing if it was actually the best choice.  

Its all about the community.  

I&I uses a collaborative approach, comparing the different indemnity providers in the market today. Users can find, compare and rate their provider for all of the community to see. Users can sort providers by potential savings on their premium, customer service, complaints handling and legal support.  


From one dentist to another, I hope that I&I helps finding and choosing the right indemnity cover a much easier and more enjoyable journey than before.

By Insurance & Indemnity